Grapes Nutrition

Grapes Nutrition? Other than the health benefits of wine, not many people discuss the health value of their grape jelly sandwich or the benefits of their grape juice for breakfast. But grapes have real power and pack a pretty strong nutrient punch.

The worst part about grapes is they often seem so expensive. And the ones that really are valuable – the organic ones – are even more expensive. But they’re worth it. After this you’ll never wonder about grapes nutrition again.

Nutrient Value of Grapes

What’s in a grape? Let’s look at the nutrient value of a grape, whether red or white. They all have protein and carbs and a host of good antioxidants. The most important two, OPC’s and resveratrol, are what protect the grapes from harm. Because grapes produce these antioxidants when they are stressed, those free of chemicals and pesticides must produce more natural protectants.

Also, in this article we write about the healthiest grapes and how to choose among varieties.

How much Resveratrol is in Grapes

Resveratrol and OPC’s are the true powerhouses of grapes. Determining how much a particular grape has is not impossible but beyond the ability of the regular Joe. So what’s important when choosing grapes?

As mentioned above, an organic grape has to fight against the conditions more than one that is protected by chemicals and pesticides. And grapes grown in northern or wet zones fight more against conditions than those grown in dry, temperate zones.

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Grapes Lower Blood Pressure

One of the health benefits of the grapes nutrition is the lowering of blood pressure. Is is widely accepted that the antioxidants are responsible for this benefit.

Antioxidants like resveratrol and OPC’s are designed to strengthen the cell walls. In addition the antioxidants neutralize the free radicals in the blood which slows down the aging process.

Strong cellular walls, free flowing blood and the elimination of restrictions to the flow lower blood pressure overall.

Resveratrol and Muscadine Grapes

The Muscadine grape of North Carolina is one the highest antioxidant rich grape of them all. We included a grape varietal table here to show you all the different grapes and their particular penchant for health, flavor, tannins.

While the Muscadine grape isn’t highly cultivated world wide, the studies that have been done on the Muscadine Grape have proved quite fruitful.

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