Super Foods for Super Health

There’s something wonderful about super foods. For super health, for super nutrition, for super fun – great foods makes great recipes and happy smiles.

You might think super foods are the ones you hate to eat, like broccoli and tomatoes, but they’re also the ones you can’t live without like dark chocolate and blueberries. Super foods are nothing more than those chock full of nutrients.

That saying “you are what you eat”. . . well it’s true. Since the only thing that fuels your body and makes it grow is food and air – you are what you eat.

To maintain health your body absolutely needs things like protein, carbs, fat, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It can’t live without those things. When you eat junk and processed foods all the time, your body has no choice but to use the processed versions of its needs.

That leads to poor health overall (read up on the side effects of fast foods to learn more). So stick with super foods for super health and you’ll be much happier, guaranteed.

10 Super Foods

Read up on what the 10 super foods are. And when you get there make sure you check out the right sidebar for all the other lists. There’s no law dictating what is a super food, so most “authorities” have their own version. We list all the popular lists and things like super foods for weightloss, longevity and inflammation.

No matter what these super foods for super health are good to go.

Super Foods Diets

Super Foods for Super Health

Ask anyone who’s lost weight and they’ll tell you the secret. And the secret always seems to be something bizarre like making sure you do 15 push-ups per day at 3:00. Or making sure you only eat fish after you drink cold ice water.

Since there are so many ways to eat healthy, we thought we’d compile some of the best diets and ideas. We’ve got a page on super foods for weight loss, the anti inflammation diet, foods for longevity and the Latin superfoods.

We’ve even put together a section on the best resveratrol-based recipes like blueberry crisp, dark chocolate, a variety of teas and 40 ways to use peanuts.

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