How Will the Benefits of Resveratrol Help You?

The Truth Behind the Benefits

The benefits of resveratrol have been splashed all over the media since the discovery that they may lengthen life. Perhaps you caught stories on 60 Minutes, the Dow Jones Online Report, by Barbara Walters, discussed on Fox News, recently reported on by Rosemary Ellis, editor of GoodHousekeeping Magazine on the Today Show, and by Dr. Mehmet Oz on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

The Antioxidant Solution
Resveratrol is vitamin, a nutrient, an antioxidant. It’s not a drug or a chemical. In fact, you’ve been getting the benefits of resveratrol your whole life. Resveratrol is found in the following real foods:

Resveratrol Benefits

You get the real benefits of resveratrol when it’s had very little time in the presence of oxygen. It’s an antioxidant, ya know. That means that it has the ability to donate an electron to a free radical molecule, thereby creating a new, safe molecule. Unfortunately, it’ll do that to oxygen before it enters your body. When that happens, its utility is all but gone.

The Red Wine Paradox

One of the reason resveratrol has come to light as a positive force of nature is through wine. There aren’t many foods that come to you without first being oxidized. Why do they say eat your fruits and veggies? Well for the most part they both come with a skin that protects the real value.

You can’t say that about most other foods. Wine makes the benefits of resveratrol real. Because it’s made without oxygen. . . think about it. . . grape skin, wine cask, wine bottle, cork. . . most of the value actually gets into your bloodstream where it’s needed. You can’t say that about meat, bread or pasta.

There’s a good chance no one would ever have known about the benefits of resveratrol without wine. It’s the French Paradox that got the world thinking.

Powerful Antioxidants

The question is, along with other necessary antioxidants, how do you feed your body on a consistent basis? Eating grapes and peanuts and drinking itadori tea are all great ideas. Drinking a glass of wine every day is a fantastic idea, except for those extra calories you don’t need. The real solution is a full-spectrum antioxidant supplement that you can take everyday, at work, while traveling.

The object is not to replace your healthy diet or glass of wine with a supplement, but to ensure your getting the greatest health benefits you can each day – and still enjoy your life. We make recommendations, but more importantly give you all the tools necessary to make a decision yourself.

Resveratrol’s Side Effects

Other than better health, there aren’t many known side effects to resveratrol. It is a natural blood thinner and thus supplements should be avoided before any medical procedures. However, resveratrol is in both peanuts and grapes and nobody has ever told you to avoid eating Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches before hand. The primary side effect of resveratrol is better health.

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