Looking for the best Superfood Vitamin?

While it’s not highly advertised, the best superfood vitamin around touts itself as an antioxidant supplement and nothing more. The marketers of Cell Essentials’ OPC Factor never caught the Superfoods “buzz” and thus stuck with their antioxidant power.

What they missed is that the list of superfoods is really a list of places to get extraordinary antioxidants.

So, without sounding too salesy, here’s what Cell Essentials’ superfood supplement has in it:

  • Resveratrol, of course from red wine grapes
  • Vitamin E from fish oil
  • Lycopene from tomatoes
  • Lutein from marigold flowers (also in the superfood wheat grass)
  • green tea leaf extract
  • broccoli, kale and radish concentrate
  • the full spectrum of plant enzymes
  • PLUS. . . lemon bioflavonoids, OPC’s, bilberry fruit, and then all the vitamins and minerals you find in the superfoods.

Now, there are two drawbacks to this superfood vitamin – but when you look at all of them on the market – it’s still the best. The first is it doesn’t have calcium – but I can explain why it probably doesn’t. And it doesn’t have as much B6 as we’d like to see.

Why is it a Superfood Vitamin?

There is nothing else on the market that has a 97% absorption rate.


The whole reason for eating organic, for getting all the necessary superfood nutrients is so that they go into your bloodstream.

That’s what the people at Cell Essentials spent their time on. They’ve built a powdered vitamin supplement that you mix with water. When you do so the solution is isotonic and effervescent – and highly absorbable.

What could be better than that? I can’t say enough about it. Go to their website and read it for yourself.

Author: Dan R Morris

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