What is OPC?

Why Does Monty Roberts “the Horse Whisperer” take OPC’s?

I guess the straight answer to “what is opc” is also the long-winded scientific one: Oligomeric Proantho -cyanidins, but what you really need to know is OPC’s are other antioxidants in the grape seeds and skins.

In a book titled “The Red Wine Diet”, by Roger Corder, OPC’s, not resveratrol, are suggested to be the real longevity factor in red wine. The author, from the William Harvey Research Institute, points to Gers, France where the citizen population over 90 years old is twice that of the rest of France. Why is that, he postulates? The people of Ger drink the local Madiran wine, made with Tannat grapes.

And Tannat grapes happen to have the highest concentrations of OPC’s.

Supplements you may have heard of like Grape seed extract, red wine grape seed extract, pine bark extract, Billberry extract, Lemon bioflavonoids, Lycopene, Lutein, French Maritime Pinebark and the trademarked term Pycnogenol are all different OPC’s.

Did you know there are more molecules of OPC in red wine than there are of resveratrol? Now we’re starting to answer the question “what is opc”, eh?

Resveratrol might be getting all the news right now, but that’s because it was recently discovered that it does something important. Resveratrol triggers the gene that prepares your body to live through starvation. That’s the gene that extends life.

It hasn’t been tested on mice yet, but the people of Gers are proof enough for Roger Corder that OPC’s are the real health benefit behind wine.

What Is OPC and What Does it Do?

In understanding what is OPC, it’s important to first understand what it does for you. They strengthen the walls of blood vessles, arteries and capillaries. But this small task, like the task of triggering a gene, has extremely important benefits.

Some might still ask what is opc, but the better question is what does OPC do for your life. Let’s start with the smallest of capillaries in your body – those in your eyes. People with vision problems find OPC’s work wonders. In fact radio personality Paul Harvey talked about a product containing OPC’s that virtually made blind people see.

By strengthening the walls of the capillaries in your eyes, all the nutrients from your foods and supplements can finally get to your eyes where they’re needed. Thousands of folks suffering from cataracts have reported almost immediate benefits from OPC’s.

And that’s just one example.

Do OPC’s Aid Longevity and Energy?

This question is best summed up by the words of Monty Roberts. Maybe that name doesn’t sound familiar. Monty Roberts is the real horse whisperer – the guy who actually understands how to read and communicate with horses, the guy who inspired Nicholas Evans to write his story and Robert Redford to play him in the movie.

Monty Roberts was once asked

“At 70 years of age, how can you possibly handle the schedule that we read about on your website? It would seem impossible that you can change continents, time zones, and even hemispheres with the pace that is evident on your website.”

Monty Roberts: The Horse Whisperer

I found his reply to that question on his website:

“I have been very fortunate to study and become familiar with four natural substances which have allowed me to execute the schedule that would stop down most people in their 30’s:

1. Melatonin2. Coenzyme Q-103. Transfer Factor4. Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins

Melatonin allows me to sleep five to six hours in what is termed REM sleep (the deepest kind). . .

Coenzyme Q-10 (COQ10) this again is a natural substance, generally derived from fish. It has but one obligation, and that is to increase the oxygen in your bloodstream. . .

Transfer Factor is a relatively new discovery. It is the heart and soul of colostrum. . .

(But)I believe that the addition of OPC’s to the three above has resulted in a significant positive change in my life. I began the use of OPC’s in September 2001, and I have the distinct impression that my ability to fend off illnesses has been greatly enhanced by its inclusion. I am of the opinion that the addition of OPC’s has been responsible for an incredible improvement in my memory skills. I could give many examples, but suffice to say the improvement has been dramatic.”

I have asked that a Journal article written by my wife Pat be included on this website. It outlines the fact that I have been executing a schedule for approximately 15 years now that would be considered overwhelming by virtually anyones standards.

Among other things you will see that I have completed more than 1,500 individual demonstration events without missing, cancelling, or even being late for one of the performances.

I have experienced many trips where virtually my whole team would be negatively affected by a flu or cold bug of one sort or another, and while I felt the bug enter my system, I was normally able to kick it out within a matter of 2-5 hours. This experience has been profound.”

Does that answer what is opc?

Does OPC Replace The Need For Resveratrol?

Red Wine’s healthy nutrients don’t stop at resveratrol. In fact, long before science discovered the benefits of resveratrol, red wine was considered extremely healthy. And it’s not because it contains just resveratrol.

OPCs have been found to be among the most potent antioxidants in the world, as a whole. The reason your body needs different sources (Grape Seed Extract, Red Wine Grape Skin extract, Pine Bark extract, Billberry extract, Lemon bioflavonoids, Lycopene and Lutein)is because each has different bioflavonoids that affect different parts of the body.

Even free radicals differ from one to the next. An oxygen molecule doesn’t necessarily steal an electron from the next molecule it comes in contact with, it steals one from the next compatible molecule. Together, a full spectrum of antioxidants including OPC’s, resveratrol, vitamins, minerals and enzymes neutralize more free radicals than any bioflavonoid can do on its now.

That’s exactly what is opc, and it’s main benefit.

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