Anti Aging Discoveries: Resveratrol

Among all the anti aging discoveries, resveratrol is the soup-du-jour at the moment. The benefits of resveratrol are still being studied but so far include:

  • Stopping the proliferation of bad bacteria in the digestive tract
  • Prevention of cardiovascular disease
  • Reduction of the incidence of coronary heart disease
  • Protection of cells against degradation of low-density lipoproteins
  • Effective antioxidant and immunity protection.

Most of the research on Resveratrol has been done in the laboratory so far. Nevertheless, as we point out, the results of new studies are constantly coming forward every week – many from human trials.

Barbara Walter’s Anti Aging Discovery

Barbara Walters recently reported on the resveratrol and red wine research as it pertains to the aging question. Why do we age and how do we slow or stop that process? Watch here what Barbara Walters learned about these new anti aging discoveries:

Barbara’s report shows that the current topic behind Resveratrol media exposure is Longevity. By activating certain genes in the body, Resveratrol “tricks” the body into taking better care of itself. Truly one of today’s anti aging discoveries.

Resveratrol Increases Lifespan

An article in Newsweek state that a research team reported in the journal Nature the first study of the effect of resveratrol on the life span of a mammal. The study compared three sets of mice on three different diets (1) a standard diet (2) a high-calorie, high-fat diet and (3) a high-calorie, high-fat diet supplemented with resveratrol.

The study concluded that compared to the standard diet mice (1) the mice with the high-calorie, high-fat diet (2) gained weight, developed fatty livers, inflammation of the heart and diabetes-like symptoms dying at a younger age. However, the mice on the high-calorie, high-fat diet supplemented with resveratrol (3) had none of these complications.

Experts disagree as to when we’ll know the final result and how much life we’ll gain with resveratrol, but few dispute it will be positive. Steve Austad, the most outspoken on the subject, believes it will be 30 years before the facts are on paper. Most other scientists who have weighed in estimate 5 years at the outset. To add more fuel to the fire, 60 Minutes spent an hour learning about the resveratrol research that has propelled it to be one of the most important anti aging discoveries:

Resveratrol and Bone Health

I was pleasantly surprised to find so many studies on bone health that reflected positively on resveratrol.

In 2001 the Scientific Journal “Drugs Under Experimental and Clinical Research” published a study, “Benefits of resveratrol in women’s health” by Researchers at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. That study concluded resveratrol therapy might be a better alternative than HRT for cardio and osteoporosis protection.

The results of that study were mimicked in a 2008 in a Journal called “Cell Metabolism”. That study, on mice, showed the mice on resveratrol drugs had better bone healthy, as measured by thickness, volume, mineral content and density, and bending stiffness compared to the non-treated control group.

Resveratrol May Contribute to Improved Bone Density

An international team of experts headed by Katherine Tucker, studied the association between alcohol consumption and bone density in the Framingham Offspring Study. They concluded that moderate consumption of alcohol make make your bones stronger.

Analyzing the study, Dr. Stephanie Atkinson, Professor, Department of Pediatrics, and President of the American Society of Nutrition, stated that the positive effect might be attributed to bone preserving ingredients like silicon in beer and resveratrol in red wine – in addition to the alcohol.

As always, she also said any consumption of alcohol must be weighed against the risks associated with excessive use.

Resveratrol Prevents Atherosclerosis

Anti Aging Discoveries

Atherosclerosis, which most of us refer to as hardening of the arteries, was featured in the March 12th, 2009 New England Journal of Medicine.

The study found that clogged arteries could be reversed with antioxidant therapy. Specifically, the LDL cholesterol that was building up in the arteries was made mobile again after the introduction of resveratrol.

“A recent study by Park and Colleagues showed that these foam cells are trapped by interaction with oxidized low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and can be re-mobilized by dynamic exposure to key antioxidants such asresveratrol.
The researchers subjected the hardened arteries to resveratrol antioxidants and the blockages began to break up.

Resveratrol Helps Stop Inflammation

Daniel H Hwang, a research molecular biologist in the Agricultural Research Services at the Wester Human Nutrition Research Center in Davis, California has been doing resveratrol research in terms of its affects on inflammation.

While his study results are entirely scientific, he’s determined that resveratrol interferes with molecules (called TBK1 and RIP1) that communicate with the proteins that cause inflammation. By impeding the communication between these molecules and the TLR proteins, resveratrol helps reduce inflammation. A study published in the International Journal of Neurochemistry demonstrated the potential for resveratrol to aid in the fight against aging. It demonstrated that resveratrol helped to reduce the formation of plaque build up in the brain. Commissioned by Cornell University, the study sheds light into the way resveratrol can help control many of the natural effects of aging on the brain.

Resveratrol Research Gets Award from NYU

At the April, 2009 NYU Annual Awards Symposium, Leonard P. Guarente of MIT will be awarded as an Outstanding Pioneer in the Field Of Biotechnology.

Specifically, Mr Guarente discovered that sirtuins were the key regulators of longevity in living creatures. Since then activation of the sirtuins by resveratrol has led to trials of it analogues as scientists search for the key to longer life.

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