Chinese Symbol for Longevity and Other Symbols

A quick Google search for “Chinese Symbol for Longevity” will show you that there are many, many such longevity symbols. Since resveratrol has become the new secret to longevity, I wondered what symbols for longevity would look like. I was amazed when I found this beautiful scroll showing there is not just one Chinese Symbol for Longevity – but over 100.

(If you click on the scroll, it will take you to the online calligraphy shop where I found this picture, and other symbols of longevity).

Chinese Symbol for Longevity: 100 Styles

Did you know that the Okinawans live longer than most other cultures on earth? Nicoya, Costa Rica and Gers, France are two other places where the local culture outlive the rest of us. If the Chinese have 100 symbols for Longevity – how many must there be world-wide?

Longevity Diet

So what do you think was the #1 reason these folks cited for the long life? If you guessed their “longevity diet”, you’d be right. We’ve got oodles of information on this Longevity Diet if you seek more specifics. Click and Take A Look.

Otherwise, according to Dan Buettner’s Book, “The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who’ve Lived the Longest.”, here are the top 10 reasons these centenarians listed their longevity diet”

  • Practice moderation. This isn’t rocket science. Even Brussels sprouts become deadly when you’re mainlining them a dozen at a time.
  • “Port Wine, olive oil and a sense of humour,” 122-year-old Jeanne Calment’s three rules for living a long, happy life.
  • A lean, plant-based diet accented with meat is much healthier than the typical North American diet. Eat your veggies.And if you can get down tofu, even better.
  • Choose fish over red meat. Most of the healthiest diets eschew meat altogether, but we’ll just recommend upping your fish protein intake and lowering your beef and pork. Especially salmon.
  • Get your flavonoids. Found in red wine, brightly coloured fruits and vegetables and dark chocolate, this secondary plant metabolite reduces rates of cancer and heart disease.
  • Still, go easy on the salt. It contributes to high blood pressure and weakens arteries.
  • Turmeric, found in spicy curries and mustard, has antioxidants that are an easy defense against inflammatory ailments.
  • Eat nuts — a simple way to add at least three years to your life expectancy. And no, it doesn’t matter what kind of nuts you eat. They help cut down the risk of heart disease.
  • Hail the power of the sweet potato! High in fiber, vitamin A, potassium, vitamin C and folic acid, they’re also easy to make.
  • Dark chocolate is another treat which, when not eaten in a massive Chris Farley-sized binge, doesn’t have to be denied. (It has more antioxidants than milk).

Resveratrol is a symbol for longevity

Read the research studies and watch the videos on the anti aging discoveries page. Resveratrol turns on the longevity gene in our bodies and has our bodies functioning as if we were living on the calorie restriction diet that many attribute to long life.

While there is no chinese symbol of longevity on the supplements page, consider supplementing your diet with a complete antioxidant supplement featuring resveratrol.

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