How To Store Chocolate

We haven’t been asked how to store chocolate very often. In fact, until recently nobody’d asked us the best way. What we’ve found in asking the experts is most people are more concerned with taste than health.

So when we asked about how to store chocolate, we also had the antioxidant health benefits in mind. So, first off you need to think dark, dry and cool.

You don’t want your chocolate to melt, or to take on the flavors of the products around it, so dark, dry and cool is the answer to that.

To start, keep the chocolate in the original wrapper – if possible. Otherwise wrap it in parchment or waxed paper and put it in a freezer-weight ziplock bag.

Now for the antioxidant benefits, make sure you squeeze all the excess air out. Air oxidizes antioxidants – so too much air and you’ll be left with nothing but sugar.

Then as long as you store it at 55 to 65 degrees, it should stay fresh for 12 months or so. If you put it in the fridge, then condensation will be created which means you really won’t be able to smoothly melt it again. And if it gets too hot, the cocoa butter will separate from the chocolate and you’ll get that thin gray layer on the surface. Safe, but not tasty.

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