My Personal Review of OPC Factor

In this OPC Factor Review I want to talk about the antioxidant nutritional supplement from AlivenLabs. I’ve now taken OPC Factor for several years and am ready to write an OPC Factor review page.

FYI – They also sell a face cream and a probiotic, but I’m not much of a cream guy so I don’t have much to say about that. I am taking their probiotic but need some more time before I can write a review on that.

I’ve grown up with the idea that a daily vitamin is a good thing. My parents used to give me Flintstone vitamins. Those surely aren’t very beneficial, but maybe I absorbed a nutrient or two from those. So as an adult what I really wanted to find was a nutritional supplement that my whole family could.

I’ve got four kids so I was happy to find OPC Factor because it actually tastes good (like fizzy red Kool-Aid) and it makes me feel pretty good.

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My Video OPC Factor Review For You

I keep a box at home and one at the office (in case I forget to take it before I leave the house.) So I got a chance to make a quick video review at my office:

What You Get When You Buy It

OPC Factor is delivered by mail to your house in a pretty plain brown box. In it you’ll get the boxes you ordered, a “welcome” letter, a DVD and a reference guide to the ingredients. (Actually, the guide is pretty cool itself. If you ever wondered what each of the nutrients is for, the guide tells you).


The instructions are on the box, and are pretty easy to follow. While it suggest two per day, I must admit I’ve only taken one per day for a long time and feel like it is enough. Don’t be scared by the word “instructions”. Literally tear open packet at slit, pour in cup, add water, drink. That’s it.

Inside the box you’ll find 60 individually sealed packets. This is one of the primary reasons OPC Factor is our top choice. All antioxidants do are neutralize free radicals. That’s it. If oxygen gets to them before they get in your blood – then they’re just useless.

Oh yeah, each packet has a tiny little slit to make it easy to tear them open. My kids like that part.

Is OPC Factor for you?

This product is for me, my wife and my kids. If you don’t believe in taking a daily multi-vitamin or antioxidant supplement, then it’ll probably sit on your shelf next to the last supplement you bought. We firmly believe your body needs good nutrients every day and searched for the best product we could find.

OPC Factor has the complete spectrum of antioxidants (including resveratrol, of course) and a bunch of vitamins and minerals. This product will replace just about every supplement you’re taking now EXCEPT for calcium.

That’s probably the one drawback. The folks at AlivenLabs said they experimented with calcium, but it never worked right with the formula. I didn’t mention that. When you add 5 ounces of water, this product becomes both isotonic and effervescent. That’s what contributes to the 97% absorption rate. I guess calcium negated that. I’m actually glad they stuck to a good formula and didn’t feel obligated to add calcium.

We eat a bunch of broccoli and spinach and drink milk. And my wife takes a women’s calcium supplement too. So we really don’t have any issue with the lack of calcium.

If you’re ready to get your health back on track, this is the best antioxidant supplement out there. Click here to get started. You’ll get the first box in the mail in about 10 days. Thanks for reading our OPC Factor review. 🙂

P.S. When you get it, watch the DVD they send. The guy who created the product had his blood taken right before he took some OPC Factor, then he had his blood taken 15 minutes after. The before and after video footage is worth watching the DVD.

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