Resveratal: The Benefits of Resveratal

Resveratal has been featured on 60 Minutes, Oprah and several other news programs recently because a group of scientists discovered consumption of resveratal led to longer life in mice and worms.

While that may seem trivial, the pursuit of the “Fountain of Youth” is nothing trivial.

Resveratal is an antioxidant found in various plants. It’s actually an antiobiotic of sorts. Plants make it when they’re under attack by fungus, disease or other plant “ailments”, at which time it helps the plant fight these invaders.

Chocolate, blueberries, peanuts, japanese knotweed, grapes and red wine are its main sources. However, even if you eat these antioxidant foods regularly, the body is constantly under attack by free radicals and can not get enough antioxidants to fight them off.

Since the “fountain of youth” discovery, supplement makers have been working overtime to keep up with the demand for resveratal. Please see our Buyers Guide to check out the many supplements available – or our many other pages all about resveratal.

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