Where to Buy Resveratrol Products?

Readers asking us where to buy resveratrol has been the most commonly repeated question. So we’ve gone out and scoured the net for resveratrol products to buy.

(We don’t feature ResV – which you’ll see advertised all over the net. There are more complaints about the company that distributes that, than we can count. We’d suggest avoiding them.)

When we first started researching where to buy resveratrol, we found it was pretty easy to find it most anywhere that sells supplements. However, we think that most of the supplements on the market are virtually identical, with different labels.

We thought we’d determine the best 3 and just feature them here. What we didn’t count on was 4 tremendous options from which to choose. So, without further adieu:

Our Absolute “Best Pick” Resveratrol Supplement

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Licaps is our #1 Recommendation.We really like that the LiCaps capsules are created in a nitrogen environment protecting the antioxidants from oxygen. Anytime your antioxidant comes in contact with oxygen, there’s a good chance it oxidizes the value. So a hydrogen environment is important.

LiCaps boasts a 99% Purity rate too and uses a 250 mg of a micronized trans-resveratrol which has a much higher absorption rate than traditional resveratrol.

The Negatives:
The reason we have a #3 and #4 recommendation is because both Revatrol and OPC Factor have a full spectrum of antioxidants. While that’s not as good as the hydrogen packed LiCaps – it is good.

In fact, here’s where we think you should figure out which one you need. If you’re not already taking an antioxidant or multi-vitamin supplement, then buy Revatrol or OPC Factor. Not only will you be buying resveratrol, but you’ll get a bunch of other antioxidants.

However, if you already take a multi-vitamin or antioxidant supplement, then LiCaps is a better option and a way to add the resveratrol you’re missing.


Our #2 Resveratrol Product Recommendation: Reserve Age Organics

Buy Reserve Age Organics


Reserve Age Organics is our #2 Recommendation.Reserve Age Organics is also a 250 mg Resveratrol Supplement, and also doesn’t feature other antioxidants. However, it’s light years ahead of the other resveratrol products on the market.

If you read our page on the healthiest wines, you’ll remember that resveratrol is created when the plant must fight adversity. Cold temperatures, fungus, disease – these things are what cause plants to create resveratrol.

Plants that don’t fight these issues because of the pesticides and chemicals used on them, don’t create as much resveratrol. Reserve Age Organics uses certified organic sources – and thus some of the highest potent resveratrol that can be found.

They even go a step further and include resveratrol from 3 different organic grapes and wild Japanese Knotweed. This is a stellar product, for sure.


Our 3rd Rated Resveratrol Product: OPC Factor

Resveratrol Products


OPC Factor is our #3 recommendation for Resveratrol supplements. The most important thing an antioxidant supplement needs is seclusion from oxygen. When antioxidants come in contact with oxygen, they neutralize the free radicals in the air. Once that happens they’re virtually useless in your body. OPC Factor is light years ahead of the rest on this issue.The second most important thing is recognition that red wine is a blend of antioxidants from grapes – not just resveratrol. OPC Factor is full-spectrum antioxidant featuring all the antioxidants we talk about on this site (including OPC’s from Cranberries, Resveratrol from Grapes – and 23 others).

If you’re wondering where to buy resveratrol supplements, this one is available only from their company. Click the picture or button to go to their site.

The Negatives:
OPC Factor doesn’t come in a pill – but the packets are very small if you’re a traveler.
There is no caffeine or stimulants in OPC Factor, so if you’re looking for an energy buzz – you won’t get one 10 minutes after you take it.
If you mix it with cold water – it tastes great! like fizzy Kool-Aid. If you use warm water, it’s not as good.

Click Here for Our Full OPC Factor Review



Our #4 Top Resveratrol Product: Revatrol

Buy Revatrol


Revatrol® is our #4 recommended Resveratrol Product.Revatrol is only #4 because it contains only 100mg of resveratrol – otherwise, it’s a great option as well. After determining that Revatrol uses pure resveratrol in their product, we next looked at oxidation.The makers of revatrol recognize this issue and have sealed their capsules away from oxygen.

That’s what makes revatrol so great. Not only do you get resveratrol, but a full spectrum of antioxidants to help your body. It has a myrida of great antioxidants like Grape seed extract, alpha lipoic acid, and acetyl-l-carnitine.

The Negatives:
The only reason Revatrol is not our #3 Top Pick is because it is in pill format – thus the absorption level is less than that in OPC Factor.

If you’re wondering where to buy resveratrol, buying it direct from Revatrol is the only way you’ll get this product. Click the button or the picture to be “whisked there”.


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