Resveratrol and Antioxidant Super Foods healthy chocolate

This is the kind of news you need just before Easter. Chocolate can be a healthy snack – in fact – it can be healthier than veggies!

The key is you have to choose the right chocolate. Though all previous free e-books have come from other sources, I put this one together myself for you – and you’ll enjoy it more than the rest combined.

Resveratrol is a nutrient like Vitamin A and calcium. It’s not a drug or a fad – it’s a real nutrient. Like Vitamin A and calcium, it’s also something you need regularly. If you aren’t going to take a multi-vitamin or supplement containing resveratrol – make sure you incorporate foods high in antioxidants (like dark chocolate) into your daily diet.

Healthy Chocolate
A Free eBook

I hope you enjoy this one!

Dan Morris

P.S. I’ve created a couple great pages about SuperFood recipes, antioxidant rich foods and resveratrol on Pinterest. Come hang with me there, too!

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