George Mateljan’s Worlds Healthiest Foods Book Review

When I picked up the Worlds Healthiest Foods Book to review it, I immediately wanted to compare the work we’ve done writing and reporting on the world’s top Super Foods. So I went to the Table of Contents to see if Mr. George Mateljan included the right ones.

World's Healthiest Foods Book Review

A bit macho of me, I suppose.

What I found was a treasure trove of information far exceeding what we report on in terms of breadth, depth and volume. While we stick to those Super Foods somewhat related to resveratrol, the World’s Healthiest Foods covers fish, shellfish, grains, legumes AND everything we cover.

I was a bit surprised to find the book was much more than a list of healthy foods, what makes them healthy and all the nutrient stuff. That information is in the book, but it’s a small part.

The rest of the book reads like a guide to life. It’s got healthy eating plans, how to cook certain foods, which things to add to smoothies, how to choose healthy foods when you’re out.

Healthy CookingThe part of the book that I saw my wife reading was the cooking section (if that’s not politically incorrect). Actually I found the chapter on cooking without oils quite interesting. You probably know this, but I didn’t know the nutrient value of oil changed at each temperature you raised the heat.

Disease PreventionI believe you’ll also find his discussion on foods that fight disease important. Mateljan discusses the nutrition of diabetes, cold, and flu prevention. Foods that help with migraines, menopause, prostate and vision. With just a few small changes, you can really be disease free. That section is worth the price of the book.

If you’ve been interested in getting this book, I recommend it. Thanks for reading our World’s Healthiest Foods Book Review.

DISCLAIMER: You won’t find me reviewing books I didn’t like. Most of the time I don’t actually finish them and thus feel I don’t have the authority to write the full review. But mostly because it’s not fun talking about stuff that wasn’t good.

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