10 Super Foods for Weight Loss

How many opinions are you going to get if you ask 10 doctors what are the best 10 super foods for weight loss?

You’ll likely get 15 opinions. And strangely enough, they wouldn’t be wrong. There are no real foods that are designed to lose weight for every body.

Some say eat a piece of dark chocolate every day, others swear by chicken, rice and broccoli. Whether it’s blood type, body shape or birth month – there are many opinions on the best foods for weight loss.

Recently Parenting.com put out this short list:

And not to be outdone, Health.com came up with this list of 7 best foods for weight loss:

Eggs – According to Health.com, eggs have 78 calories each, are stocked with lean protein and they’ll keep you full till lunch.

Pine Nuts – Not a typical food on the Super Foods lists, but these heart healthy fatty acids make you feel full.

Dark Chocolate – There’s plenty of reasons for dark chocolate to be on the list, antioxidants being the main one. Dark Chocolate just happens to be a great source of resveratrol, which is fantastic supplement to aid weight-loss efforts.

The University of Copenhagen believes a little dark chocolate now will keep you from eating too much later.

Cheese – That’s a funny one for sure. But Health.com qualifies that pick by saying choose goat or feta cheese and buy only the “grass-fed” kind. Otherwise, the cheese won’t have much of the necessary CLA that burns fat.

Skim Milk – A lean protein that’s low in fat is a no brainer. But milk also makes you feel full – adding to its weight loss benefits.

Oranges – Australian researchers determined that the fiber content of oranges make you feel fuller than most other foods – and the fiber itself fights fat.

Potatoes – I’ve seen sweet potatoes on the superfoods lists before – but never a general potato reference. Nevertheless, they’re three times as likely to make you feel full than chips or bread. (And they’re inexpensive.)

Red Wine Since resveratrol was touted as the fountain of youth by Barbara Walters and other TV Specials, it’s been involved in hundreds of thousands of tests. Recently a French lab started giving lemurs resveratrol to see the long term effects.

Their study concluded that over the course of six months, the resveratrol boosted the lemurs metabolism and helped them lose weight. The study didn’t conclude that gulping red wine would lead to weight loss, but it did add information to the idea that red wine is one of the best 10 super foods for weight loss.

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