Resveratrol and Weight Loss

At the University of Ulm in Germany, researchers studying resveratrol and weight loss found that resveratrol inhibited pre-fat cells from turning into larger, mature fat cells. Resveratrol also hindered fat storage.

The also found that resveratrol reduced the production of certain cytokines. Cytokines are substances currently linked to obesity-disorders like diabetes, clogged arteries, and heart attacks.

The study fits in with the idea that red wine is responsible for the “French Paradox”. That’s the enigma behind why the French eat a high-fat diet but do not gain much weight.

In another study from the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center, in which the researchers tried to show that the antioxidants in blueberries (resveratrol being one) help combat belly fat.

They added dried blueberry powder to the diets of overweight rats and a placebo to other overweight rats. The “blueberry rats” lost fat and improved their insulin resistance. The lead scientist in the study, E. Mitchell Seymour, said that the blueberries affected the genes responsible for fat burning.

Red Wine May Help Manage Weight

A study from the University of Porto in Portugal (where Port Wine originated) showed that animals fed red wine (which is strange I might add) gained less weight over an eight-week period – than the control group given no red wine. (I’ll repeat that this is a strange study).

The study believes that resveratrol may increase the body’s level of oestrogen, which plays a role in the metabolism of fat.

Washington University in St.Louis is doing a study on Resveratrol and Weight Loss. Samuel Klein, MD, at their Center for Human Nutrition speaks here about their study:

Could Resveratrol’s Health Benefit Lead to Weight Loss

Resveratrol’s main job in the body is to help strengthen the walls of the veins and arteries. It’s also an anti-coagulant and does wonders helping to get thick blood flowing again.

Could it be that blood flow is the weight loss benefit? If you’re blood is flowing, nutrients can get to the cells that need them, waste can be removed from cells that have it.

Perhaps, when your body finally is getting the nutrients it needs – perhaps the cravings begin to stop. Cravings are the body’s method of informing you that you need to eat. Once the cravings are gone, so are the pounds.

Resveratrol and weight loss – perhaps a happy couple. From Resveratrol and Weight Loss to Resveratrol Supplements

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