Complete List of Superfoods

The problem listing the complete list of superfoods is that one list doesn’t quite do justice the benefits of these foods. The other problem compiling the complete list of superfoods is that any healthy food would eventually make the list, albeit at positions #217 – #256.

What makes more sense is breaking the lists down into “Top 10” style lists like top 10 foods for weightloss, top 10 healthiest foods, 10 highest antioxidant foods.

What I did find to be most amusing is that there is no consensus on the top 10 super foods. Check out this list of superfoods lists. Dr. Oz, Oprah, WebMd. . . they all have different ideas of what the healthiest foods are.

10 Healthiest Foods

Typically the complete list of superfoods consist of commonly eaten foods like broccoli, extra virgin olive oil and salmon. I decided to compile a list of the healthiest foods based on nutrients and value to the body. That meant I had to include some lesser eaten foods like umbeboshi plums and brewer’s yeast.

So this list includes edible, international, healthy.

Latin Super Foods

What use are the super foods if they’re typically not part of your daily diet? Not everyone eats the American diet. Don’t they have a right to know what the super foods among their basic diet are? That’s the reason for this list. If you eat a diet of Latin staples, then check out this list of Latin Super Foods.

Top 10 Super Foods

This is it, the complete list of superfoods. As I said, no one can agree on the final list. All of the lists (as you can see from the link above) share some of the same foods. But most have one or two different from the rest. This is the most commonly list foods among all the lists.

New Additions to the Super Foods list recently featured the 8 new super foods to be added to the list. A few of these were already considered on the list, depending on which ones you asked. But 4 of these were completely new AND interesting, like Chia.

Take a look at this list and see what you think. Do these foods deserve to be on it?

Foods High in Antioxidants

I made this list different from the rest. Here I organized them by antioxidant. So if you’re interested in seeing the top food sources of Vitamins A, B and C – this list is for you. Most of the major antioxidants are featured along with links and lists of the most reliable and healthy sources.

Anti-Aging Diet Foods

Here’s a pretty good list of foods broken down by their main benefit – longevity. The anti-aging diet fad is soon becoming the norm in central Florida and other retirement places.

While some are known for their antioxidant capacity, others are known for stimulating the longevity genes in the brain.

Effects of Fast Food

To do a complete reversal we thought we’d also show you the results of such a poor diet. If it doesn’t convince you to stock up on the super foods, perhaps it will make you take a second look at what you’re doing to your body.

It is a machine ya know. It needs involuntary heart muscles working all the time. Lungs that are properly monitored, bones that are fed plenty of calcium rich foods and a whole lot more. Grease, fat and artificial junk up the process.

Here’s to a healthier lifestyle for all of us.

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