Organic Wine Suppliers and Wineries: A Growing Comprehensive List of Suppliers and Wineries

Every month there are more and more organic wine suppliers and wineries. There is no way to maintain a comprehensive list of them all, but we’ll do our best to provide links to individual ones, links to others’ lists and links to Organic Wine Associations.

If you know of any great organic wine suppliers or wineries, please use our contact form to let us know and we’ll be sure to add them in short order.

Organic Wine Suppliers & Associations

Napa Valley Vintners is one of those associations that has a wonderful list of all the Napa Valley Organic Wine Suppliers and Wineries. Through this link you can also find wine clubs which is a great way to try different wines that you might not be able to get in your area.

Johnny Green Seeds Wines A specialty wholesaler of certified organic and organically grown wines. Founded in California, Johnny Green Seeds moved to Birmingham, AL in 2001.

Organic Wine Company The Organic Wine Company supplies world-class organically grown wine from France, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Chile and California.

Wines Unlimited A distributor of fine wines and spirits limited to licensed retailers only.

Mountain Peoples Wholesale Celebrating over 10 years as one of the leading organic wine and beer distributors in the industry. Located in the small town of Grass Valley, nestled in the Sierra Nevada Foothills.

REDblanc Situated in the heart of Rhône Valley REDblanc Organic French Wines works directly and intimately with the wine growers who produce fine wines. Without any middleman we work to elaborate the best taste and price in order to propose a quality wine for the organic market.

Concerned about the ecological impact of pesticides and chemical fertilizers and their effect on health, REDblanc undertakes to select environmentally friendly wines.

We are determined to give a new alluring taste of organically grown wines to the consumers motivated by ecological farming. REDblanc is truly one of Frances most earth-conscious organic wine suppliers.

Organic Vintages Offers fine wines made from 100% organically grown grapes with no or low sulfites added.

Biodynamic & Organic Wine Wineries

Hainle Vineyards Estate & Deep Creek Winery Deep Creek Wine Estate & Hainle Vineyards Estate Winery are located in the sunny Okanagan wine region of British Columbia, Canada. The winery has a strong commitment to natural chemical free viticulture and handcrafted winemaking. We are dedicated to producing the highest possible quality, naturally dry, fully fermented wines.

Clos Saron Estate Winery Clos Saron is about:

* No commercial yeast or M/L inoculation. * No acid corrections. * No SO2 additions during barrel aging. * No unnecessary racking or pumping. * No fining. * No filtration.

The grapes are crushed within 20 minutes from the time they are harvested. The wine is aged on its lees for as long as necessary, often until the day of bottling. It is then bottled manually, directly from barrel.

Haywood Winery The history of Haywood winery begins in 1973 as Peter Haywood searched for land that would produce exceptional grapes. In a valley just one mile from Sonoma’s historic town square he found what he was looking for thin, dry soil on sunny well drained hills that would yield a limited quantity of intensely flavored fruit.

Our Daily Red Our Daily Red has been making wine commercially for over 30 years now, organic wine for the last 20 years. They currently make Our Daily Red, Orleans Hill Winery and Heartswork Wine.

Bonterra Located in Hopland, CA, Bonterra is one of the forerunners of organic grape growing. They produce over 150,000 cases globally of wines made from certified, organically grown grapes.

La Brillane Vineyards Our fundamental belief is that with minimum chemical intervention in every single stage of the winemaking process, you can produce healthy grapes from healthy vines, and the wines will make themselves. From the beginning, this was the overriding principle which governed us at La Brillane.

Organic Vintners A premier importer of organic wines, offering the best international and domestic wines from the world’s best organic wine makers.

Red Truck Wine A great organic wine company out of Sonoma, CA that produces both organic and conventional wines. You can purchase their wine directly through them from their website and they even have a wine of the month club.

Grgich Hills Estate Grgich Hills Estate is a family-owned winery dedicated to the art of winemaking. Our wines are made completely from grapes that are certified organic and Biodynamic®, grown at our estate vineyards in Napa Valley, California.

Yellow + Blue Thanks to Yellow+Blue, you can now enjoy great, certified organic wines in environmentally friendly packaging, so you have that best-of-both worlds thing going on.

Frog’s Leap Winery An Organic winery out of Rutherford, CA that produces organic wines. They also sell their wine only. The website has a lot of great information about the winery’s organic practices along with an organic 101 section.

Cono Sur Vineyards & Winery Our quest is to present the world with the finest grape expression and character, from Chile’s varied wine regions. Right from the start Cono Sur applied the newest ideas and technology to winemaking’s traditional methods. Our main goal, therefore, is to create expressive and innovative wines from one of the world’s southernmost wine regions.

Pacific Rim Wines 99.7% of all components for our Riesling are organic. We even use native — not commercial — yeast to best present the natural character of our vineyard. We use no pesticides and every element within our sustainably-farmed vineyard is native to the vineyard.

Benziger Family Winery Benziger Family Winery is leading a new definition of wine quality through its Farming for Flavors™, organic and Biodynamic® winegrowing practices. Their 85-acre, certified Biodynamic Sonoma Mountain estate has become a research and teaching center for the cultivation of grapes with more flavor, intensity and site-specific vineyard character. The family shares its farming knowledge and experience with their longtime grower partners throughout Sonoma County.

Snoqualmie Winery Snoqualmie has been producing award-winning wines from Columbia Valley vineyards for more than two decades. It is one of the first wineries in the state to make wines from USDA-certified organically grown grapes, and as of 2008 has the largest certified organic vineyard in the state.

Beringer is a very well know winery that has started producing some organic wines as well as their conventional wines. You can join their wine club and buy some of their wines at a discount as well as receive quarterly shipments delivered directly to your door. The web site has information on how to pair wine with food as well as recipes to accompany those pairings.

Comte Cathare Wines The Comte Cathare umbrella covers a number of properties across the Languedoc, all of which are controlled by Bertie Eden, great-nephew of Anthony Eden, one-time Prime Minister of the UK. This is a fascinating estate, producing a range of wines from vineyards all cultivated using environmentally-friendly methods -biodynamics no less.

As far as organic wine suppliers goes, keep Comte Carthare wines in mind.
Frey Vineyards Another producer of California organic wine out of Redwood Valley, CA that is not only organic but also biodynamic. This winery offers online ordering and has a links page for some interesting articles on everything from Resveratrol in Wines to Organic wine information itself.

Three Thieves The Thieves then journeyed to Mendocino, California, the legendary home of grapes grown the old-school way Mother Earth intended. These vineyards were certified organic, untouched by man-made pesticides and fertilizers.

The Three Thieves are proud of the results of this effort. True Earth is the finest 100% organic wine available. With such an incredibly difficult distinction to attain, Three Thieves ought to be one of your organic wine suppliers of choice.

New York State Organic Wine There are many, many organic wine suppliers and wineries in New York State, but only a handful of wine there is organic. Find out more. . .

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