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The worthiness of a resveratrol 50mg supplement vs. a 100mg or 200mg supplement is really a factor of the absorption rate of the supplement. Supplements in pill/capsule form are typically absorbed at the 10% rate (2 – 20) – so you won’t even benefit from the full amount.

Since you’ve been eating resveratrol in peanuts, chocolate, and grapes since birth – your body is quite familiar with them as well. Here are the 50mg supplements we thought worthy of your attention.

Resveratrol Products


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OPC Factor is our #1 recommendation for Resveratrol 50mg supplements, hands down. The most important thing an antioxidant supplement needs is seclusion from oxygen. When antioxidants come in contact with oxygen, they neutralize the free radicals in the air. Once that happens they’re virtually useless in your body. OPC Factor is light years ahead of the rest on this issue.Their product is individually sealed in small foil packets. It mixes instantly with water to provide an effervescent, isotonic drink that has a 97% absorption level. To our knowledge, none of the other supplements can compare to this.

When you buy OPC Factor, you buy 50mg of Resveratrol, OPC’s, grape seed extract and red wine grape skin extract among 23 others – in a super antioxidant blend.


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