Anti Inflammation Diet: FoodsThat Reduce Inflammation

Why would anyone want to eat an anti inflammation diet? Despite it not sounding as appetizing as “South Beach” or “Mediterranean” or “Celebrity”, inflammation is a serious problem for many people that leads many toward chronic diseases. And chronic disease is much less appetizing than an anti inflammation diet.

Strangely, inflammation is not a bad thing most of the time. Inflammation is the body’s response to injury or infection. It’s the way the body helps prevent further infection and get both white and red blood cells to the affected area. But chronic inflammation is something entirely different.

What is Chronic Inflammation?

The inflammatory response is a basic mechanism of our immune system. Inflammation is the result of communication between the endocrine, central-nervous, digestive and cardiovascular systems. In a healthy body, these systems communicate with and respond to one another.

When the inflammation, that is designed to protect the body, becomes permanent the built-checks and balances, along with the communication ceases to work properly. That persistent status is what is called chronic inflammation.

The Anti Inflammation Diet Specifics

The difficulty in establishing what are the foods that reduce inflammation and which are the inflammation foods is there is no way scale to look at in making this determination. Monica Reinagel, in her book “The Anti Inflammation Diet” suggests that acidity, glycemic index, sugar and a host of other properties need to be considered when planning an anti inflammation diet. From her book we’ve gleaned the following list of anti inflammation foods.One thing Reinagel insists is that you do not follow the 10 Super Foods diet because it is too limited in variety. She insists that both your anti inflammation diet and your Anti Aging Diet be a mixture of inflammatory foods and anti inflammatory foods. The mixture itself will provide nutrients and minerals you wouldn’t get on the Super Foods alone.

Regardless of whether you are following an anti aging, anti inflammatory, South Beach or Mediterranean Diet, make sure you’re taking a Super Antioxidant Vitamin and Mineral Supplement (featuring resveratrol) everyday.

Anti Inflammation Diet

Anti Inflammatory Foods

Anti Inflammation Fruits

Anti Inflammation Vegetables

Anti Inflammation Dairy Products

Anti Inflammation Fish

Anti Inflammation Poultry

Anti Inflammation Meat

Anti Inflammation Bread

Anti Inflammation Cereal

Anti Inflammation Pasta and Grains

Anti Inflammation Fats and Oils

Anti Inflammation Crackers, Chips and Cookies

Anti Inflammation Beverages

Anti Inflammation Nuts and Seeds

Anti Inflammation Herbs and Spices

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