The Mighty Blueberry Bush:

An antioxidant, superfood powerhouse

So the blueberry bush is typically thought of as a fruit producer, but they can really produce great beauty by themselves.

Typically the blueberry bush family is divided into two categories, the wild lowbush blueberry and the domestic highbush blueberry. There are many species of blueberry as well, but even their common names delineate them as to highbush or lowbush.

Blueberry Bush

The highbush variety make up most of what you eat commercially. If you’re searching for a blueberry bush to plant, you’ll come across sites that have lost of different varities. For the most part they’ll all be highbush and will vary slightly as described (some with larger berries, some with pink berries, some sweeter than others – but no major differences)

Did you know that Canada is the largest exporter of blueberries in the world? Not only that but more than half of all fruit acreage in Canada is dedicated to blueberries. Nova Scotia and Maine are the world’s largest producers of the wild blueberry bush, too.

How to grow a blueberry bush

The most painful part about growing your own blueberries is the blueberry bush doesn’t actually produce fruit for 3 years. So if you’re thinking you’ll plant one today and hope to make blueberry crisp in the fall. . . it’s not going to happen.

You’ve got a few things to consider when growing blueberries. You’ll need to be conscious of the soil conditions, the type of blueberry bush, harvesting times and just waiting for them to bloom. Click here to learn more about growing blueberries.

Blueberry Nutrition Profile

The blueberry fruit is one of the most nutritious foods on the planet and often is cited as one of the Top 10 Superfoods. It’s high fiber, low sugar and nutrient dense core make it an ideal snack.

The blueberry bush can produce fruit even growing in northern, snow locations. Because of that the plant produces a good amount of resveratrol and anthocyanins to help protect it from the climate. These powerful antioxidants produce wonderful benefits in the body.

If you were looking for a superstar among the blueberries’ nutrients it would have to be resveratrol. It’s got plenty of good stuff, but from a day to day basis you get a lot more of the other stuff than you do resveratrol.

Blueberries Health Benefits

The amount of earth needed to grow a blueberry bush is nothing compared to the health benefits they provide. Among its claims to fame are lowering LDL cholesterol, alleviating urinary tract infections, helping to reduce body fat, and fighting the effects of aging with resveratrol.

The Most Fantastic-est Blueberry Recipes

We’re going to feature more great recipes as time progress. We’d love to hear your thoughts on your favorite blueberry recipes as well. Otherwise, please check out our:

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