Resveratrol Side Effects

Resveratrol side effects aren’t in the news much, at least only the ones they want you to hear about. However, there are a couple side effects you should be aware of. I should mention that you’ve been consuming resveratrol your entire life. The existence of it in pill form is no different (and often times less absorbed) than what you’re already consuming.

So if you’ve experienced side effects from the sources of resveratrol you’ve already been eating, you’ll likely experience the same ones with a supplement.

You Already Eat Resveratrol

Did you know that resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant found in abundance in cocoa (dark chocolate), cranberries, blueberries, peanuts, mulberries, grapes, grape juice, red wine and peanut butter? So when you start thinking about the resveratrol side effects, begin by exploring what you know about the side effects of those foods.

Natural Blood Thinner

So the most serious side effect that is often overlooked is that resveratrol is a natural blood thinner. This isn’t a bad thing UNLESS you’ve just taken one of the top 3 resveratrol supplements we recommend, have popped the blood thinners given to you by your doctor and are about to undergo surgery. So before you have any medical procedure make sure you tell you tell your doctor what vitamins and minerals you’re taking.

For the 99% of the rest of your life, a natural blood thinner is one of nature’s health secrets. How long have you heard that it’s not bad to take an aspirin a day? Or even a baby aspirin per day? How often have you been told that reducing inflammation in the body is a good thing? How about red wine, ever hear that it’s a healthy drink? All of these things are natural blood thinners (though some would argue there’s nothing natural about aspirin).

Resveratrol and Copper

There are many sites, forums and blogs that seem to be circulating the idea resveratrol inhibits copper. “Copper chelation” is the term that is currently being used.

One researcher (noted here) determined that resveratrol did affect copper ions when introduced to them in increasing quantities. However, the only thing resveratrol did was reduce the frequency that the copper ions would mutate. From this he postulates that inhibiting copper ions from mutating in the nucleus of cells is probably why resveratrol helps stop cancer cells.


The other resveratrol side effect is pesky longevity. Not only will you feel better now, have cleaner blood, more energy and more youthful skin – but you may have to live longer with those new attributes.

Resveratrol is known as the fountain of youth since scientists proved mice on resveratrol had more endurance and lived a longer life.

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