Reversatrol: The Benefits of Reversatrol

Reversatrol is actually one of the ways this strange word is misspelled. Resveratrol, on the other hand, is an antioxidant made by plants to help them battle their natural predators like fungus, disease and rot.

For centuries groups like the Native Americans used OPC’s from pine bark, and reversatrol from peanuts, grapes and Japanese Knotweed to fight infection.

Reversatrol isn’t much different than other powerful antioxidants like OPC’s, other than our history ingesting them on a daily basis. The “French Paradox”, that idea borne by 60 Minutes as to why the French are healthier but eat poorer, is the root of the Resveratrol hype.

If it’s possible to live better, live longer and live happier – why deny yourself that opportunity? If you’re waiting for test results (click here to read resveratrol research) – then think about the decades and decades of wine drinking the French have undergone – with the resulting data stating they stay healthier longer. What study could be better than that?

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