Swine Flu Survival Kit – As Featured in Men’s Health

Many organizations are recommending getting a “Swine Flu Survival Kit”. We scoured the net and found the best one at Men’s Health Magazine. Their swine flu survival kit includes:


Hot/cold pack

  • Aspirin and acetaminophen will make you feel better but can prolong flu infection, say University of Maryland researchers. Fight fevers with cold packs instead.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer

  • Next to inhaling the flu, the easiest way to catch it is by bringing an infected hand to your mouth, eyes, or nose.


  • Take your daily dose in Brazil nuts or in supplement form (400 micrograms or less). Selenium is believed to help combat oxidative stress during sickness.

3M N95 1860 mask

  • Most masks only prevent the wearer from spreading germs. The 1860 (20 for $20) stops him or her from inhaling virus droplets. Allheart.com

Nonperishable foods

  • Make a few of the cans sauerkraut; it’s packed with lactic-acid bacteria, shown by Korean researchers to speed recovery of chickens infected with avian flu.

Bottled water

  • There could be quarantines and sanitation issues. The Department of Homeland Security recommends 1 gallon per person per day, during the swine flu epidemic. Stockpile a week’s worth.


  • Take this remedy, made from diluted flu virus, within 24 hours of symptoms, recommends Keith DeOrio, M.D., a Men’s Health alternative-medicine advisor.

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